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Sisters in Crime
A little piece I've been working on while MIA hahaha xD. Two OC's that have a special place in my heart <3

Program Used: Sketchbook Pro 7
Game: Skyrim

Allow me to formally introduce you to Lillian Moonsong (left) and Gwendolyn Robyn (right). They've traveled in Skyrim way too many times to count, adventures around every corner. Both originally from other provinces in Tamriel they found each other one day ironically when they both attempted to steal a jeweled bowl from the same snobby noble. Common thieves at the time, and trying to make a name for themselves, they decided to share the gold from the bowl and join Riften's Thieves Guild in Skyrim. They've been best friends ever since. Gwen has moved up her ranks in the guild by leaps and bounds becoming guild master, a Nightingale and stealing the heart of the handsome second in command, Brynjolf. Lily is a great fence and an even better locksmith, her contraptions keep the guild's goods locked up tighter than the gates of Sovngarde. She spends her time arguing with Tonillia on who can make the most coin.

Gwen is a Nord who was originally raised in the Imperial city in Cyrodiil by a passerby Khajiit caravan, they brought her around teaching her the art of stealth and archery making her a master marksman from a very young age. She's been able to talk herself out of any situation, making ends meet in her favor. By traveling alongside the caravan she knows all the best spots in Tamriel to get a drink or to do a bit of shopping, the guild way ;) 

Lily is a dark elf from Morrowind, born blind from birth, but don't let her blindness fool you into thinking she is weak. Her other senses are heightened more than any man, ears hearing the slightest creak, nose smelling the slightest shift in the air. When her and Gwendolyn go out on treks taking on bandits and vagabonds, Gwen is her eyes letting Lily know everything about their target. As a team they can take down any foe that dares cross blades or bows with them.

Hope you all enjoyed :D Hopefully you can see the shift in my art style, more pieces to come so be on the lookout!! Any comments are appreciated :)

Bye loves~~


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